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Graduate Students Advising

The program offers a thesis option and a non-thesis option. Students in both options must take four graduate computer science (CS) core courses. Students who wish to write a thesis take four graduate CS electives and sign up for 6 thesis credits (counts as two graduate electives) whereas students in the non-thesis option must take six graduate CS electives. One of these six electives can be CSCI 599 Master's Project.

Students in the thesis option must find a thesis advisor in the department based on their interests in order to comply with the thesis submission requirements of the UDC Graduate School [see guideline]. Students in the non-thesis option also need to find a faculty member (project advisor) to do a special project and submit a final MS project report to the project advisor at the end.

The course of study is as follows:
30 credit hours are required for graduation - four required CSCI core courses and six electives. In addition, students who are inadequately prepared in computer science but who have been admitted into the graduate program will also need to take up to 4 background courses in computer science. For taking background courses, students need to have a consulation with the MS program director.

[Thesis Option] Students enrolled in the thesis option will need to do a thesis defense. For preparing the thesis, students must follow the requirements of the Graduate School. Thesis defense needs to be announced to public at least a week prior to the thesis defense date.

[Non-Thesis Option] Students who elect to do a project must consult with their project advisor on project submission requirements.

Core Courses
All students in the MSCS program must take four of the following seven courses.
  • CSCI 504 Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • CSCI 505 Foundations of Computer Architecture
  • CSCI 506 Principles of Operating Systems
  • CSCI 507 Principles of Database Systems
  • CSCI 508 Principles of Data Communication Networks
  • CSCI 509 Foundations of Software Engineering
  • CSCI 510 Principles of Artificial Intelligence
Students are advised to choose an appropriate set of six courses with their advisors. The specific prerequisites for the various courses are given in the course description section of the catalog. Students may enroll in the CSCI 5X8 Topics course more than once, provided different special topics are involved. Students may, however, enroll in CSCI 599 Master's Project only once; students electing to write a thesis must enroll in CSCI 600 Master's Thesis twice (one in each semester). Initial grade for CSCI 600 is going to be given as 'X'. Once thesis defense has been completed, the student needs to submit 4 copies of bound thesis to the department (to the MS program director or the department chair). After completion of submitting the bound thesis, all CSCI 600 grades marked as 'X' are going to be changed accordingly.

Important Policy

All graduate students should follow the policy defined and approved by the University Sanete.

A graduate student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or better in order to be in good academic standing. Approved on January 11, 2011.



Advising Policy

For advising, all students are required to contact their academic advisors in each semester. Proir to seeing your advisor, all students should fill out the advising & graduation check sheet and provide it to their advisors.

MSCS Advising Sheet


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