CSIT University of the District of Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dept. of Comptuer Science and Information Technology


Dennard Plaza at UDC
Dennard Plaza at UDC
Dr. Briana Wellman
Interim Chair
Building 42. Room 113A1 (in suite 112)
tel: 202.274.6695
email: briana.wellmanudc.edu

Dr. Liang, Lily R.
Graduate Program Director
Building 42. Room 112C
tel: 202.274.5086
email: lliangudc.edu

Dr. Jeong, Dong Hyun
Undergraduate Program Director
Building 42. Room 113A2 (in suite 112) tel: 202.274.6292
email: djeongudc.edu


Sandra Brooks
Department Associate
Bldg. 42, Suite 112
tel: 202.274.5147